Frequently Asked Questions

My event is somewhat "up in the air" right now and I'm not sure whether to do the bar myself or hire a service...
We make it very simple. Call us and give us the basic information that you have.We'll fax or mail you an overview of our services with several options and estimates on cost. As you get a feel for what you'll need, we can fine-tune the package for you with no obligation. If you decide to use our service,we'll finalize what you'll need a week before the actual event date and work from there.

What is my liability for the event if I use The Bartending Service?
We take the responsibility for making sure that guests are served in an appropriate manner.

I'm having an informal gathering and want a "fun" event!
We can work with you to provide "themed" drinks, and our bartenders will arrive dressed appropriately for your event.

I want a cash bar but how do I know what beer, wine and liquor my guests will request?
We can help you choose the beer,wine or liquor you will offer. We also keep up on any new popular drinks or wines that people are asking for.

I'm on a tight budget but still want to make sure my guests are happy...
We will price out different options and can offer you several ways to keep costs down while providing a bar that pleases your guests.

What's the best way to choose a bartending service?
Let's face it, just about anybody can pour a drink. If you want a professional-looking bar with knowledgeable and certified bartenders that can handle unexpected situations,you need a reputable service. We allow you to choose what you want and we handle the rest.